Who We Are

Association of Property owners of Small Hotels of Nicaragua.

HOPEN is a non-profit association, apolitical, social and educational, that binds the small hotels of Nicaragua, whose purpose is to provide its members with the necessary orientation on problems that occur in the tourist development.


To be an organization that encourages the Small hotels of Nicaragua with an efficient dynamic productivity and rent-ability, with a seal of quality in the services and whom represent the common interest in the defense and promotion of it’s affiliated.


We are a group of property owners of small hotels in Nicaragua that have come together in the Association of Small Hotels of Nicaragua (HOPEN).

Our objectives are to improve each one of our businesses looking to increment the economic benefit. By improving the quality of service, efficiency, and competitiveness of the hotel offers.

This way we contribute to the national economy achieving a sustainable development through the union and support organizational of the association.


For the time period of 2006–2010 HOPEN has established 3 strategic objectives:

  • Institutionally Strengthening HOPEN.
  • Strengthening the small hotel members of HOPEN.
  • Political Incidence


  • Increase in the promotional and market activities
  • Entrepreneurial Interchange
  • Participation in activities of the association, for example: forums, seminars, meetings, fairs, etc.
  • Take part in the political incidence as a growing area
  • Negotiations to reduce cost: discounts by providers, Credit card transactions, etc.
  •  Be part of projects with donating organizations or institutions.
  • Work in order to achieve soft financing.


  • Working with programs that assist us in the workshops, market and promotion, and the search for funds/ aids: PAPHCA, BID/FOMIN.
  • Contribution of discounts by the suppliers to the members of HOPEN: La Colonia, Camas Luna.
  • Constant workshops to improve the quality.